Official Jensen Lee Duffel Bag

Made of quality fabrics, heavy duty zippers and hardware, Jensen Lee school bags are made of very sturdy construction. They have a four year manufacturer's warranty, but often last much, much longer than that. Medium is the most commonly purchased size, but mini, small, large, and extra large are also available.

Dimensions for available sizes:

MINI: 6" Diameter x 10" Long **This bag commonly used for lunchbags, purses, make up bags, or by young children wanting to be like their older brothers and sisters.**

SMALL: 11" Diameter x 18" Long **If deciding between this and the medium, keep in mind that once you put a binder in the small bag and zip it up, nothing else will fit.**

MEDIUM: 11" Diameter x 22" Long **Most Popular Size**

LARGE: 13" Diameter x 27" Long

XLarge: 15" Diameter x 34" Long


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  • Posted by rrhoefer
  • Over 2 years ago
Please put HOEFER #25 on the bag
  • Posted by anderson1818
  • Over 3 years ago
please put #38 on bag

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